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Dragon Ball Goku and Awesome Turtle T-Shirt

Dragon Ball Goku and Awesome Turtle T-Shirt

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Dragon Ball Tee Shirt

Relive the Dragon Ball adventures with San Goku and Genial Turtle aka Kame Roshi with these Dragon Ball T-Shirts loaded with Japanese manga and anime memories from the 90s.

Make the right choice between Goku aka Kakarot ready to face his enemies with his formidable kamehameha attack or Master Turtle always on the lookout for physical contact with the female sex.

If you still don't know which one to choose then order the 2 without regrets because these exclusive editions will not be in stock indefinitely in our manga t-shirt collection.

Don't forget to check our Size Guide before ordering! Our team always advises to choose 1 size above as a guarantee of safety.

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