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Baby Nursing Bra

Baby Nursing Bra

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Breastfeeding Bra

This maternity bra is definitely babies' favorite bra . Thanks to him your little angel can suck his milk as soon as he needs it.

Its clever one-hand "clickup" opening system allows you to take the breast out with one hand while you hold your baby in the other hand.

What bra after childbirth?

With this nursing bra you can breastfeed baby anywhere without exposing yourself to the sight of strangers for a pleasant breastfeeding experience. This postpartum model will ensure maximum comfort and optimum support.

How to choose the size of your nursing bra?

Check your bra size with our size guide in description.

To calculate your maternity and nursing lingerie size, start by bringing a tape measure to measure:

  • circumference under bust (A)
  • cup circumference (B)

Example: If your cup measurement is 95 cm and your underbust measurement is 75 cm, your bra size is therefore 90B

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