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Dragon Ball Backpack with Kanji Logo

Dragon Ball Backpack with Kanji Logo

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Dragon Ball backpack

goku dragon ball backpack

Choose your favorite Dragon Ball Backpack from these 4 exclusive models.

Will you recognize which Saiyan is hiding behind each of these Dragon Ball Logos also called Kanji Dragon Ball ?


We will help you choose by explaining to you what is hidden behind each of these symbols in Japanese calligraphy:

  • Goku : pronounced go - logo of SonGoku which means awakening and wisdom which is also found inscribed on his family house.
  • Kame : pronounced kam é - logo of Turtle Genial alias Kame Senin Roshi that we find inscribed on his house in the middle of Turtle Island in the open sea.
  • Son : pronounced san - logo of SonGoku's family that his son Gohan sometimes wears as a crest on his tunic in DBZ.
  • Kaio : pronounced kayo - logo of the master Kaio which means king of the world. Goku will sometimes wear it on the back of his tunic when he is his student as in the past with his former master Kame.

Finally put your things away in a Saiyan Backpack in the colors of your favorite anime.

backpack dbz dimensions

  • internal zip pocket
  • internal compartment (computer, tablet...)
  • adjustable straps (weight distribution)
  • abrasion-resistant waterproof fabric
  • front outer pocket
  • side bottle holder
  • size 39x30x12cm
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