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Croco Faux Leather Leggings

Croco Faux Leather Leggings

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Faux Leather Draining Leggings

You will never go unnoticed again with these faux leather leggings for women .

Choose between the smooth and discreet leggings or the provocative croc leggings . Order these 2 sexy leggings and assume your double game according to your agenda.

The faux leather pants are made of high quality faux leather leggings (PU+spandex+polyester), super smooth, wrinkle resistant, lightweight, flexible, comfortable, easy to wear with a sexy fit.

These push up leggings are designed with a pleated middle line to make your hips look more voluptuous with its elastic high waist design, which increases comfort and reduces your waist, hips, legs, to soften your curves, and make your figure more attractive.

The outer layer of these black leggings for women is made of stretchy synthetic leather, which conforms to your body. The inner layer is a thin layer of suede leather to give you a sexy look.

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