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Baby Postpartum Pelvic Belt

Baby Postpartum Pelvic Belt

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Women's Adjustable Pelvic Belt

  1. Looking for a stylish new shapewear to transform your look in any outfit? This sheathing belt is light and solid. It features a comfortable high-waisted shaping corset that makes your tummy look firmer and more toned while providing firm control over your entire abdomen.
  2. This maternity corset features light boning through the lower back that holds the tummy firmly in place, as well as a blend of spandex and nylon that provides optimal tummy control. This sculpting sheath is a must-have addition to any woman's wardrobe!
  3. Be sexy, confident with exceptional quality shapewear that showcases your natural beauty. This belt is particularly comfortable and allows every woman to free herself with confidence. This product is intended for women who want to regain an ideal waistline.
  4. Abdominal Compression Girdle for Waist Training - Back Support Slimming Belt; helps you regain the prenatal body curve and wear a sexy wardrobe again.
  5. Adjustable pelvic belt : Allows you to easily put it on by yourself. Readjust how tight you want without removing the band, keeping you supported for a long time. It is a good gift for women just after giving birth or had surgery resulting in back pain.

How to bandage the belly after childbirth?

3 colors to choose from and 4 different sizes: white, pink, beige with invisible design. Enjoy gentle, regular and intimate tummy support after your baby arrives.

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