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5 in 1 Glasses Case | Eye Travel ᵀᴹ

5 in 1 Glasses Case | Eye Travel ᵀᴹ

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Multi-place sunglasses storage case

This new storage box for all your glasses is a small revolution. It is transportable and accompanies you on all your daily trips or trips.

How to store the glasses?

No more lost or broken pairs of glasses due to soft or fabric glasses cases , thanks to this durable, suede-lined glasses organizer , which will no longer scratch your lenses.

How to hang your glasses on the wall?

This ingenious case will also protect your glasses from dust and damage, and its large compartments can accommodate normal prescription glasses and oversized sunglasses.

Where to store your sunglasses?

No more choosing which pair to take with you on vacation. Travel with all your pairs of glasses and change pairs according to your outfit of the day or your mood.

Where to buy a glasses case?

Our sunglasses travel organizer adopts a unique and durable foldable design to protect your glasses while traveling. When rolled up, its secure button closure and invisible magnetic strips to each interior compartment to ensure everything stays in place.

The advantages of our glasses organizer:

  • foldable and rigid case (secure closure)
  • protects glasses and accessories (watches, jewelry, make-up, etc.)
  • anti-scratch suede lining
  • can be hung on a simple hanger or coat rack
  • 5 glasses cases in 1 (multi-place)

Dimensions: 17 x 12 x 12cm

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