Comment choisir son Legging ?

How to choose your leggings?

Are you going to wear your running tights to your Pilates classes? When talking about sports, it is best to choose your clothes according to your activities. Whether you prefer yoga, crossfit or spinning, you need bottoms that will help you exceed your goals.

Here are our tips for choosing the perfect leggings , which will beautify your figure and perfectly suit all your activities like a second skin . Enjoy!


silhouette leggings


Our leggings for women are made from a comfortable, anti-perspirant, anti-chafing and stretchy material . We select our women's leggings so that our clothes are not transparent and so that your fitness workouts are enjoyable and beneficial.



Whether you have an athletic or curvy figure , whether you're petite or tall, we have the perfect leggings for you! Avoid the heat with 3/4 leggings or protect yourself up to the ankles with long leggings . If you prefer not to show your belly then choose one of our high waisted leggings instead and gain confidence!

Fashion tip: if you have a figure 8 figure, prefer short leggings in dark colors.

legging length


Go to the gym with our colorful women's leggings or attract all eyes with our trendy and original prints. Some patented models promote cellulite loss thanks to their Push-up and draining technology of their microfibers . Light or dark fabrics, geometric or floral prints, you are spoiled for choice to create a unique and personalized sports wardrobe.

Fashion tip: if you are a luscious woman and love original leggings, enhance your silhouette with printed leggings and a neutral colored tank top.



Whether you are an athletic woman or like cardio sessions, you will find comfortable leggings that adapt to your body. Choose bottoms created in elastic and antiperspirant materials to stay cool, no matter how intense your fitness sessions. For optimal support, opt for a model with medium compression and a high waist, with a wide waistband.

sports leggings


To choose good yoga leggings , choose comfortable models with a wide waistband to achieve your postures comfortably. Opt for light compression that ideally combines softness and elasticity. Do not hesitate to dare bright colors and unusual prints! Yoga pants are made to be worn before, during and after your sessions.



Are you a woman addicted to running? Prefer leggings with a second skin effect, antiperspirant and with high compression . You can use these sturdy leggings in summer and winter! Instead, avoid high-waisted leggings as they are not very comfortable for running . Choose leggings with a thin waistband for optimal support.

woman leggings pants

From hot celebrities to active moms, every season everyone wears leggings! These close-fitting pants are now essential in the streetwear wardrobe and there are leggings for all silhouettes !

Wear your leggings in line with your lifestyle ! If you're a tall woman, they'll look great with a dress. If you are a lucky woman with generous curves , opt for solid colors and a belted tunic! Are you more of a muscular woman? So choose a high-waisted model and a cropped top. The possibilities for outfits in leggings are endless!


work leggings

How to wear your leggings to work?

Some offices have a strict dress code , while others are more lenient. For the former, you can try what are called treggings (pants+leggings) and pair them with your work shirts , tops, etc. For those of you with a more casual outfit, you can do the same with leggings. But make sure your tops are flowing, below the hip, and don't draw unnecessary attention to the lower body. Also, if you choose printed leggings , the prints should be small, subtle and unobtrusive.


What shoes to wear with leggings?

The advantage of leggings is that you can wear them with all types of shoes . From flip flops and pumps to winter boots and ballerina flats, they are all equally beautiful. The only exception to this rule are gladiator shoes and strappy sandals, which can feel awkward.

gym leggings

How to wear your leggings to train?

Now you can wear leggings specifically designed for training. However, you can also wear the normal leggings at knee height. Either way, make sure they are of good quality and not too flashy. Otherwise, you might look really embarrassed if you're sweating and doing all those physical activities . You see what I mean ?


How to wear your leggings in winter?

Leggings are also a blessing in winter. You can wear them with hoodies, cashmere sweaters or jackets, or pair them with boots. Also, if you live in a cold country, you must have heard of fleece leggings . Get your hands on these beauties and stay stylish while staying warm this winter.

winter fleece leggings

How to enjoy leggings in summer?

In summer, opt for leggings with softer fabrics like lycra or cotton. You can wear them under dresses, skirts, or even shorts if they are long. For the ankle and knee leggings , wear them with sleeveless tops or whatever, but again, make sure there isn't too much voyeurism around.


How to wear leggings - for tall women?

If you have curves or fall into the plus size category, you don't have to worry. Just make sure the top covers the problem area, which is usually below the abdomen to the thighs. This way, you can camouflage unnecessary cellulite while still looking classy and sleek. You can also do a lot by layering and defining the top or whatever else you pair it with.


How to style leggings for women over 50?

You can be a mature and elegant woman while being chic with the right kind of clothes. There is no age limit for wearing leggings. However, stick to dark colors. Black is the safest color.

Your body, age, or figure doesn't have to dictate what outfits you wear, as long as you're comfortable in your skin and can wear them. And, when it comes to leggings, they're a blessing in disguise - a solution to all your fashion woes. So, get all in tune with these leggings!

Click on the image below to discover all our collections of women's leggings. There will surely be one to your liking :


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