Comment porter son legging ?

7 tips for wearing your leggings well

How to wear your leggings?

Why wear leggings?

If you think legging wear is only good for sports and can compromise work, you are wrong. Of course, when we talk about leggings, a feeling of comfort emerges, self-confidence, a pleasant ease. Without forgetting that this type of “ trousers ” is still very fashionable . In addition, it has the advantage of adapting to almost all seasons , whether in winter, autumn, spring or even summer. Even so, he is not doing just anyhow.

This type of tight pants has the specificity of highlighting all body shapes , so it is necessary to be careful on the following issues:

  • What color of leggings to choose?
  • What top to wear with leggings?
  • What shoes to wear with leggings?
  • How to wear leggings when you are round?
  • How to wear leggings to work?

In summary, how can I highlight my leggings or make them less visible? Of course, there is no guide to how to wear your leggings well , but we will talk about some basic precautions to avoid the "fashion faux pas".

streetwear leggings

1) Black leggings

A wide range of colors are available for women's leggings , (more than other pants). There are even those with floral patterns , stripes, or animal prints (leopards, zebra, python...), checks and all other extravagant styles . However, it is important to choose the right color according to your destination, and especially according to the morphology of your body . If you are a little plump, a little too thin, or if you have some flaws on the lower part of your body , it is not advisable to wear colored or patterned leggings . This will accentuate your lower parts , and it will not be great especially for going to work.

Thus, it is always safe to opt for black. For what ? Black is a classic, understated color that won't turn unwanted eyes. Whatever imperfections your body has, whether you're proud of it or not, it's not very flashy when it comes to black. Especially for leggings that are already quite tight, there is obviously no need to highlight your body more. Even if you are very satisfied with the latter.

Let's not talk about your outfits at home (because that's none of your business), but lately leggings are worn everywhere , like at work, at university, on formal and informal dates, etc. — we'll get to that a little further down — so be careful what color you choose for these occasions. We suggested black because of its discretion, but there are also midnight blue, dark brown and dark gray which are just as stylish and discreet. It is up to you to make your choice.

black leggings

2) How to wear the leggings at work?

Initially, leggings are part of sportswear , and most women stick to formal or semi-formal business wear when it comes to work. But wearing skirts and pants all the time, after all, can be boring and uncomfortable. Also, a little respite would be welcome. At work, where you spend your time sitting or moving around, leggings pants would help you spend your days better. That being said, here are some precautions to consider.

Start to tell them apart. If you're thinking of wearing leggings to work , make sure they're different from the ones you use at home or at the gym. This would help you to be more attentive to those that you will keep for work, whether on the quality, or on the maintenance of these.

  • Quality ? Yes, because leggings with fine fabrics (very transparent) are certainly not to be selected for work. This will cause inconvenience, whether for you or for your colleagues. Or, if your job is to receive customers or people outside the company. So, it is better to choose thicker, less visible leggings , those that give more or less the desired "pants" effect. Above all, keep in mind that the poor quality of the leggings could embarrass you in public.
  • Interview ? Of course, pay more attention to the leggings you select for work. As they are made of very stretchy materials , the elastic that holds them may wear out if subjected to too many washing cycles. So, it would be better not to wear the same leggings at home and at work. So you won't have to wash them frequently. You should also consider having several pairs if you've really decided to include leggings in your wardrobe for work.

leggings at work

3) What top to wear with leggings?

Your top outfit should cover your butt . Indeed, being sexy is good! But preserving oneself at the same time is better. When you choose to put on leggings to go out , you are aware that they generally cling to your body like a second skin , without making it uncomfortable. But they can show flaws around the thigh and hip, especially if you have some roundness there. So choose your top wisely ! It should cover part of the hip and a few inches of the thighs, there is no need for extra long tops , just keep the length right.

Your top should be a little less sticky.

Yes, you surely have a dream body, or not. Either way, avoid clingy tops . Combining leggings with this type of top will give the impression that you are exposing your body to the public. A tank top that embraces every little scale of your body will be welcome in the gym , but not out of it. So be careful! If we associate ourselves with the previous criteria, we already have an image in mind. For example, black leather leggings (with a lining to make them thicker and less sticky), combined with a white tunic (semi-long top) in the form of an airy blouse . It's classic, but stylish at the same time! Sexy and presentable at the same time. These are the effects that should show through when you are seen.

tops worn with leggings

4) What shoes to wear with leggings?

Here we are at the shoe stage. The most essential and meaningful element for women. As the fit of leggings helps create a gorgeous dress, a dress has never been wonderful without a pair of shoes . You already feel comfortable with the leggings , and sheltered at the same time with the associated tops, it only needs a wave of the magic wand to bring out a trendy style and a glamorous touch to your outfit .

Choose your shoes according to the quality of your leggings and the effect you want to bring out. If you're more rock'n'roll, a pair of boots is best suited, along with maybe some leather leggings (and a handbag). If you like the business woman effect, or if you prefer to bring out your princess side (depending on the choice of top and leggings), you will surely opt for high-heeled shoes . Pointed heels are more classy, ​​then there are square heels or wedges which are just as chic and presentable . If you're a sporty woman and your daily activities often reflect this side of you, get some sneakers . Finally, if you are rather comfortable with simple shoes , and your day and your occupations do not require any outfit, go with sandals (especially during the summer), flat shoes such as ballet flats or why not tap shoes if you feel that is the most appropriate.

A final aspect that is often underestimated is choosing the length of your leggings . If it's not long enough (to the ankle), it looks like it's cutting off your legs ! So choose it long enough to show off the shoes you're wearing.

Don't forget, you should choose the shoes according to the outfit and the destinations of the day. Without giving up your personal style . If you are more into streetwear or sportswear , then short leggings with a pair of flashy sneakers will not be in bad taste.

shoes worn with leggings

5) Anti-cellulite leggings

Is this word familiar to you, or is this the first time you have heard of it?

Anti-cellulite leggings are technical clothing specially designed to act against unsightly cellulite . This superficial layer in us women is found in the stomach, buttocks, thighs, hips and calves. To make it easier, it's slimming leggings !

Isn't that good news? Not only will you not have to break your habits—because to lose weight or get back in shape, you often have to give up certain habits—but you will finally firm up your body easily. Every woman's dream! As you are already used to it, it is enough just to change the type of leggings to be worn on a daily basis. Here are some examples.

  • The Movimiento or non-stop massage : the principle is that with each movement you make, the fabric acts like a deep massage on the skin. Thanks to the microcapsules that constitute it, the leggings help to firm up the parts containing excess fat . It is enough just to wear it at least eight hours a day for twenty-one days to have a satisfactory result. Don't worry, this function does not prevent it from remaining very pleasant and comfortable to wear , especially for doing fitness or yoga exercises. You will have no problem finishing the twenty-one days.
  • The ultra-techno Cosmeto Jade works more on body temperature. As it is supposed to have a cooling effect , the body will draw on its reserves to keep its normal temperature (37°C), and therefore automatically, weight loss arises.
  • We are going to finish with the sports slimming leggings with plants and vitamins: the fabric is full of vitamins E and provitamins A, which are antioxidants and allow total recovery after a hard physical training . It guarantees 03 cm at the level of the thigh and 05 cm at the level of the waist. But to do this, it would have to be worn for at least twenty-eight days.

The leggings should be tight, of course, but should not be an obstacle for your blood circulation . In addition, the size varies from the bottom of the belly , until almost reaching the chest , and if it is too tight, you risk suffocating. So don't let your urge to lose inches or tone your body harm your health. Beauty begins with health , the rest will follow.

In short, the decision is in your hands. A wide choice of leggings is at your disposal so that you love your body even more. Apart from the three slimming leggings we have mentioned, there are still several other effective models on the market.

trendy women's leggings

6) Jeggings

What are Jeggings? It is none other than leggings taking on the color and look of skinny jeans , with a zipper or pockets, and can be worn like denim pants . So you won't have to worry about finding an ultra-long top, one less criteria!

Know that jeans have been in fashion for decades and will surely remain so for years to come. However, they do not offer the same comfort as leggings. Luckily, someone was smart enough to make a combination when creating the jeggings . You'll have the style and fit of jeans, but no movement is restricted because you'll be comfortable in the comfortable fabric of leggings . In addition, it leaves no trace on your body!

Yet the question still arises, is he presentable enough for the job? Of course, jeans pants have long been welcome in the professional world, and lately, leggings too. But the jumpsuit will make you let your guard down about our precautions for wearing your leggings (because the outer shape looks like jeans), while the fluidity on the body won't make a difference, as the fabric stays the same. Here are some tips to overcome these doubts.

  • For slim girls , the Jeggings are perfect for your shape! Regardless of its color and prints, you won't need to hide certain parts of your body. Because it is not very thin (like most leggings). Do not hesitate to associate it with a slightly cropped top.
  • For wider hips , for example, opt for shirts that are a little long at the back, so that the style of jeans for the front will not be covered. Also choose jeggings with less marked back pockets . This does not mean hiding everything (otherwise do not opt ​​for jeggings). The idea is to show your shapes in a distinguished way.

trendy leggings

7) The Tregging

The tregging is the contraction of two Anglo-Saxon words: “leggings and trousers”. This gives extra tight pants with the elastic waist of the leggings, which makes them very comfortable to wear . The advantage of the tregging is that you will have the same comfort as a legging , but no need to cover it with another garment. He has alternate pants and tights. With the same color variations as the other models. Tregging pants are easy to wear with a shirt, tunic or T-shirt. If you add some fashion accessories , it will be sensational in the evening. But what we love about treggings is that they go with everything. It is intended to be more comfortable than classic leather pants .

Why choose a tregging? It is often preferred to leggings for its sexy side. Because in addition to being tight, it has its shiny effect which is perfectly suited to evenings. If you like the rock style, just add a pair of suede boots , or studded shoes. For a much more glamorous style, you have at your disposal patent leather pumps . Its leather effect is perfect for any type of female figure , so it benefits everyone (unlike Jeggings).

The sober is generally the most recommended to highlight your figure and make your dress look perfect. Don't forget, however, that it's a whole pair of pants. So avoid putting it under a skirt or dress.

Is there a recommended age to wear treggings? Of course not, teenagers , young women, and even women who have reached a certain age can wear them. Do not get stuck, keep in mind that these are women's pants like any other, but which will make you more stylish and more comfortable than in classic leggings . In addition, it will go with any kind of morphology , so get started!

pants leggings

It is often said that a woman who feels good about her body can wear anything, but a woman wearing treggings will naturally feel good about her body .

In short, always be in tune with your body, and with the outside world when shopping for your wardrobe. So you will always enjoy getting dressed every morning. Combine the destination and the outfit well, and pay attention to the smallest details. Remember that a simple style does not mean a sloppy look, and other people will measure your worth by the way you dress. So, show off!

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