French Swag Ambassador

Here are the details of our famous Program Ambassador presented everywhere on our social networks, as well as our website.

First of all, how to apply?

To apply for the position of Ambassador within our brand, you must meet a few criteria such as:
- Be at least 16 years old
- Have a profile instagram with at least 3 posts
- Have a minimum of 100 Subscribers on your profile instagram
- Share our values ​​of elegance and fashion

If all these criteria are met, then nothing could be simpler to apply.
Fill out the contact form below

How to receive a response?

When applying, you must leave your nickname instagram as well as your email address. You also accept by submitting your application, to be contacted by e-mail for promotional offers of  French Swag .
When your application is submitted on our site, wait a few days to receive an answer (we answer everyone), the answer is sent to your e-mail address that you provided on the registration form of the "Ambassador Program" .

What is the French Swag Ambassador program?

The Ambassador Program offers many advantages.
Indeed, being Ambassador of  French Swag , you benefit from all our catalog at -30% . You will also be granted a -20% code especially for your friends & subscribers who will be able to use it without limit! By becoming our Ambassador , you will also have every chance to be posted on our profile Instagram @french.swag

Why apply to become a French Swag Ambassador?

As an Ambassador of our brand, you will benefit from many advantages! And yes, already getting our entire catalog at this price is a plus, but being able to be re-posted on our story Instagram , as well as being featured on all of our other networks will give you more exposure, so get creative and pull out your best creation wearing a piece of clothing.  French Swag in order to bring a maximum of attention to you and to undoubtedly collect subscribers.

How long will I remain a French Swag Ambassador?

THE French Swag Ambassadors keep their partner status for an indefinite period. You stay as long as you want, without obligation. If you wish to resign from your functions, send an e-mail to the following address:

Do I have other advantages as a French Swag Ambassador?

Of course ! As an Ambassador , you also benefit from an affiliate program. In your welcome email, there are exactly two different promotional codes, the first one which reserved you offering you 30% off, but also another code quoted at the very bottom of the email offering 20% ​​off at all your friends & subscribers. Share this code everywhere on your social networks (Instagram bio, Publication, Story, Snapchat, TikTok etc...). This code will reduce your friend's/subscriber's order by 20% but also offers you 10% of their order which will be refunded to you either by a Paypal transfer, or in the form of a voucher.

What are the criteria for a good photo?

Here you are freshly French Swag Ambassador , you ordered your favorite products and received them in their packaging.
Now remains the stage of the photo. But how do you take a good photo?

Here are our criteria to be published on our Instagram profile:

- Promote the product French Swag
- Have a colorful and pleasant landscape in the background
- Do not modify your photo (No photoshop, no filters, nothing)
- Minimum image size: 500px by 500px (Instagram square format)
- High Definition Photo (Thanks to a recent phone or Camera)
- No blurry or pixelated image
- Always have a smile (Proud to wear the collection French Swag )
- Be sure to send your photos by email:

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