Top 10 des meilleures punchlines de Jacques Chirac

Top 10 of Jacques Chirac's best punchlines

CLOPE AU BEC, jumping the barriers of the Paris metro or kissing Madonna ,

Jacques Chirac , favorite puppet of the "Guignols", had become in his own way an incarnation of the French " SWAG ", even appearing on the T-shirts of trendy young people.

chirac at matignon on his sofa

At the height of "chichimania", the French Swag brand sold as many T-shirts bearing the image of Jacques Chirac as of rapper Kanye West . Unsurprisingly, he is the only former French president to enjoy such a status!

A success linked to the nostalgia of buyers who grew up "under Chirac", but devoid of any political subtext, through the photos showing him surrounded by young women, sprawled in an armchair or posing on a yacht.

chirac carriage queen england

The web is thus full of sites, Tumblr and Facebook accounts paying homage to the " swag " of Jacques Chirac, a term designating both the style and the look of the character to salute a spontaneous style, high-flying punchlines, an appetite for life. , authenticity and simplicity

This is the case of the French Swag brand, created in 2019, offering photos of the politician. “ Goodbye Jacques ”, could we read Thursday on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and … in T-Shirts .

But without the " Guignols de l'Info ", a must-see show of the great Canal+ years, Jacques Chirac's sympathy capital would certainly not have been the same. In 1995, the Canal+ team was even accused of having favored his election by presenting his puppet, " Supermentor ", and his slogan "Eat apples" in an overly jovial way, facing Édouard Balladur, his "friend " nicknamed " soft balls ".

chirac super liar guignols channel

The former president told AFP in 2007 that he found his puppet " likeable ", representing him as a beer lover and calling his wife Bernadette "Mom". But "I hope it's also for other reasons that I was elected," he joked.

When a person dies we tend to remember only the good memories. CHICHI had the art of the formula, the tongue well hanged, and a career as long as the arm, it is therefore thousands of briefs of counter that he leaves us in heritage.

jacques chirac president france

Here are his best punchlines:

  1. "I appreciate bread, pâté, sausage more than speed limits"
  2. "Me, I don't always see Mitterrand's hand in my sister's panties"
  3. "A chef is made to chef"
  4. "Of course I'm on the left! I eat sauerkraut, I drink beer"
  5. "Promises only bind those who believe in them"
  6. "It's all the same a bit curious, it's a technique that is a bit like the offense of opinion, even almost the offense of dirty mouth if I dare say"
  7. "Today, we are reporting an absurd story"
  8. “There are more ideas in two heads than in one”
  9. "Sarkozy, you have to step on him. And with the left foot, it brings good luck"
  10. "Maybe by practicing it young, I could have done sumo, I had the necessary height, and the weight, it is acquired"

Last tribute from Parisians to Jacques Chirac:

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