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What is Streetwear?

Streetwear has become a second skin, everyday clothing for urban youth. Humans gain a sense of identity through clothing. What a brand represents plays an important role in the popularity of that brand. So the marketing and branding of streetwear is as important as the models themselves. Let's take a closer look at how streetwear successfully combines fashion and culture.

The history of Streetwear

The history of Streetwear

Streetwear is said to have originated in California as early as the late 1970s, emerging from strong roots in surf, skate, hip-hop and urban subcultures. The clothing subculture is embraced by a variety of races including Asians, African Americans, and Caucasians wearing comfortable pants, baggy t-shirts, casual shoes unrelated to current fashions or the latest trends.

There is no single style to define this niche of unisex clothing, whether wide, two-tone, thick, embroidered, printed or plain. Throughout the history of streetwear , brands have repeatedly emerged with innovative clothing and marketing tactics. The hallmark of a powerful streetwear brand is the ability to create trends instead of following them by mixing styles, materials, colors and sizes.

The origins of Streetwear

In recent years, streetwear brands have emerged, creating a wide selection of clothing with expensive materials and distinctive cuts for men and women . Streetwear continues to redefine itself and increase its influence on fashion around the world. Fashion designers have endless potential to capture the attention of consumers by creating clothes that reflect the way people think and feel, whether in color blocking, pockets, cotton, velvet or polyester materials, oversized hip hop style or casual chic type ready to wear .

You have now understood that streetwear is suitable for all male or female morphologies. Traditional fashion standards have jumped and given way to the latest street-validated trends , a reflective tracksuit worn with a luxury cap and a pair of limited edition sneakers !

But how come what was once a subversive, subcultural movement followed only by surfers and skateboarders is now influencing the entire fashion industry , from the high street to the luxury market? It's fascinating to understand how not only our tastes have changed, but also how a small movement has become so important. How a small fashion movement changed the way we dress forever?

Streetwear Culture

Since streetwear is a very fluid genre of clothing, it can be difficult to decide which specific pieces belong to it. However, we can say a few general things about streetwear. It often consists of casual clothing and comfortable basics such as jeans and t-shirts , as well as hoodie- like hoodies and sneaker-like sneakers .

As well as harking back to the early days of skateboarding , surfing , and hip-hop culture, streetwear clothing is often influenced by '80s nostalgia . 80s are not out of place in an urban ensemble. So how do you catalog something that, by its very nature, is constantly changing and evolving?

Although streetwear is hard to define, as we've said before, it actually seems to be used to describe a whole host of different trends rolled into one.

Luxury Streetwear

Fashion + Culture = Streetwear

On the one hand, streetwear is a luxury aesthetic , comprised of high-end pieces and luxurious "limited edition" branded items, such as high-end sneakers . On the other hand, streetwear is a mix of punk, hip-hop, surf and skateboard. This juxtaposition between thrifty do it yourself styling and high- end production of limited-edition pieces is what makes streetwear so unique.

In this context, a hipster style tip for your wardrobe essentials would be to combine the “new and shiny” with the “old and tired”. Try mixing basic DIY and thrifty style pieces , like ripped jeans, punk rock tops and tees , with more "upscale" items, like a quality leather jacket and a crisp pair of sneakers . A subtle mix of sportswear and vintage is perhaps the formula for the sartorial success of the next collection .

The Streetwear movement

How to wear Streetwear Clothing?

Another facet of street clothing is that it is often made up of items that are baggy , baggy, and somewhat informal. This means you'll mix comfort and style, so enjoy it and don't be afraid to go big, layer multiple pieces. Hoodie, sweatshirt, t-shirt, shirt, tank top, cargo pants, chinos, fitted, skinny, slim fit, jogging, romper, jogger, striped or printed, all combinations are possible to assert your personal style .

Oversized sweatshirts, t-shirts, and jeans won't be out of place, but layered together. Wear loose shirts with the buttons undone so everything stays in place, and add a vintage- inspired tee, both in color and detailing. Think '80s and '90s hip-hop style with a modern twist, and you've got a pretty solid concept to start building your streetwear look .

Streetwear Fashion

It's not frowned upon to have a bit of an ostentatious style like it was a few decades ago, which means wearing a huge logo on the front of your t-shirt or the back of your jacket doesn't is certainly not considered "bad taste".

Today, showing off a logo is more than telling the world how much you paid for the item you're wearing. Today, logos are a sign of belonging and recognition. Wear this logo (or slogan) with pride!

It's a great excuse to rock a meaningful printed tee, emblazoned with your favorite designer 's branding, or stamped with a geographic location. It's also a great way to give an air of 80s nostalgia , by wearing t-shirts with 80s logos, pop culture icons, bands or musicians taking center stage.

Streetwear trends The limits of Streetwear Style

The urban streetwear look is an awesome style to have in your fashion arsenal because it can look both rebellious and laid back! Simple sexy leggings worn with a large sleeveless fur coat or a reflective down jacket are now affordable for all budgets.

It has the punch of punk rock influence, yet can pair perfectly with the glamorous and streamlined styles of haute couture. The fact that streetwear is such a difficult genre to define means that there are endless opportunities to experiment with this style, as the look is constantly changing and evolving .

French streetwear for men and women

If you want to add streetwear into your look, take note of the tips above, keep the origins of streetwear in mind, and simply browse through the various clothing items available in our online store . You're sure to find a ton of inspiration just by window shopping for urban on-trend pieces, and looking for key items and accessories to add to your wardrobe or shopping list.

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