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Streetwear fashion: 7 tips for the perfect style

Clothing fashion does not stop evolving. For many years and until now, many trends have followed one another. Everyone adopts it in their own way. Streetwear fashion is the new clothing style that has conquered the entire planet.

Here are our 7 tips for adopting a perfect style for any occasion.

Streetwear trends

What are the origins of streetwear style?

It was in the 70s in the United States that the urban streetwear look first appeared. This look or even this clothing style was born from the rise of urban culture through music, sports and street art.

Streetwear is a street movement , as its name suggests, driven by young people from the ghettos. Streetwear is their way of expressing themselves and asserting their social difference.

This is how the creativity of youth became known and thus gave birth to a new urban clothing style based on authenticity and originality. These basics are the essence of streetwear style and continue to be.

The streetwear style has undergone a great evolution and has been exported around the world. French streetwear , meanwhile, appeared in the 90s with rap groups or even American films.

The origins of Streetwear

How has streetwear fashion evolved?

Streetwear is an evolving movement that began on the streets and eventually found its way into luxury clothing boutiques . Brands have positioned themselves on this mode of clothing and have continued to exist while others have disappeared.

If streetwear started with loose clothes , over time some people have opted for clothes more suited to their morphology . Clearly, two people could adopt a streetwear style , but with totally different looks. This is where the diversity of streetwear is.

In its evolution, streetwear hasn't just left the streets for big brand stores . The whole mentality has also changed. This style of dress is no longer reserved for young people in the ghettos but has become the reference dress look. Nowadays, even old people have adopted this style of dress.

The evolution of streetwear style has left no genre behind. It is therefore not uncommon to see unisex streetwear collections . In clothing stores, you will also see clothing for men's streetwear fashion and other clothing more suited to the women's streetwear style .

What are the essentials of the streetwear look?

To adopt the streetwear style, it is important to know the essentials of your wardrobe . They are essential to know:

streetwear hoodie

Sweatshirt with or without the hood

To mark your belonging to the urban look that is streetwear, you absolutely need the sweatshirt . When the latter is fitted with a hood, it is called a hoodie . It may or may not have a front zipper. If you want to have an adequate streetwear look with a sweatshirt, you have to opt for sober colors. You also have to pay attention to details like the zippered hood or the presence of metal buckles.

The hood of a sweatshirt only adds to your style of dress a more mysterious look. To show off your hoodie, choose one with a nice, showy screen print . For a zippered hoodie, wear it open to show off your favorite tee. Otherwise, keep your hoodie closed instead.

The sweatshirt is also available in a round neck without a hood. For a good sweatshirt without a hood , you have to pay attention to the finishes. Take the trouble to look at the neckline which should not be too close to the neck and should coincide with the beginning of the shoulders . The cuffs should not be tight or too long.

streetwear shoes or sneakers


You can't be a streetwear fan and not be obsessed with sneakers. As a real streetwear lover, you must collect pairs of sneakers , because they are an integral part of the streetwear look. Brands have understood this well by offering countless new pairs of sneakers every week.

To select your sneakers , there is something for every budget. Some more well-known brands increase in value every year. These brands offer exceptional streetwear shoes in limited series and can resell a fortune.

They exist in different colors and in different shapes, it's up to you to find the perfect pair for your current outfit . Some models are high and others are not, but the majority are intended for everyone whether you are a girl or a boy.

streetwear caps

The cap

The urban look also has its fashion accessories . Essential accessory of the streetwear style, the cap allows you to highlight your outfit. The most popular caps are those of American sports teams including baseball and basketball . Each team adds its logo to it, which explains the presence of many models of sports caps in streetwear shops .

Other caps are more sober with different colors. When it comes to streetwear caps , you have three different categories, namely the 5-panel, the snapback and the classic cap with a flat visor .

The classic flat-brim cap was the very first to be created. The snapback then changes the game and becomes widespread. It replaces the classic cap with a plus. Indeed, the snapback is adjustable at the back. No need to search for the model that adapts to the size of the head. In addition, this cap model fits perfectly into the streetwear look. Finally, the 5-panel comes last for a final streetwear look . The latter is like the snapback with the only difference that it consists of five panels sewn together. The 5-panel cap is the most successful of the three caps in the world of streetwear .

volk ​​racing streetwear watches

Other elements of streetwear style

The streetwear style does not stop only at the cap, the sneakers or the sweatshirt. It is absolutely necessary to take into account the streetwear t-shirt , the pants, the jacket or the coat. Without forgetting these fashion accessories which can sublimate or cancel a trendy streetwear style which are the streetwear watch and the streetwear glasses of course!

A few tips for the perfect streetwear style

It's one thing to have streetwear style and quite another to have the perfect streetwear style. Some may think that you can't have a perfect style and that everything happens by feeling. They might be right, but there are rules you need to follow to be flawless in your streetwear style.

men's streetwear watches

Know the basics of streetwear style

To have a perfect streetwear style, it is important to know the essence of the style and how to highlight it. You have to know what the essentials are and be able to highlight them. You also have to know how to make a style unique and vary the looks.

Choose high quality fabrics

The first advice is to always opt for quality fabrics . At the very beginning of streetwear, designers who decided to popularize the dress look made clothes with robust fabrics . These fabrics could resist skidding on a sidewalk following a fall with a skateboard , for example. Subsequently, other models have emerged, without necessarily being appreciated by the general public.

Nowadays, things are not the same and brands produce cheap and mass-produced clothes . If you really want the perfect streetwear look, you need to opt for higher-end fabrics . These fabrics allow you to maintain your credibility, your eco-responsible values ​​that you proudly represent in the streets of your neighborhood . Good quality fabrics are safe values ​​that last longer. In addition, whoever opts for a quality fabric, is entirely certain to have superior comfort .

women's streetwear leggings

Opt for ethical clothing

The second advice is to choose more ethical textiles . Clothing fashion is now leaning towards the wearing of eco-responsible clothing. Whether you wear a dress or pants, heels give way to sneakers. The choice of organic textile does not necessarily mean that the garment must be designed anywhere or that it is excessively expensive.

A pair of shoes chosen wisely must be designed with materials that respect the environment. Now there are unisex and organic streetwear collections from French brands that meet all these criteria.

Put aside the hypebeast to focus on streetwear

Knowing how to put aside the hypebeast culture is very important advice for having a consistent streetwear style today. Indeed, many celebrities and more specifically young influencers go to hypebeast culture today for its flashiness. But in reality, this style of dress does not fit with the origins of streetwear style .

To respect the values ​​of streetwear , it is preferable to choose clothes with sober colors. Indeed, classic and sober clothes as streetwear style will always have a timeless style . Unlike the hypebeast style which will only last a while. Lately many stars are dressing in sober clothes, setting an example to follow in terms of streetwear.

women's fitness leggings

Stay in your style, no need to oversize your style

In streetwear, there is no need to oversize your style . Indeed, you must take clothes adapted to your condition and your living or working environment. No need to want to wear wide or extra wide clothes just to conform to streetwear.

In all things, you must measure your clothes so that they adapt perfectly to your morphology. Whether it's pants, skirts or sweatshirts, make them fit you. Also consider opting for casual colors that adapt perfectly to your tastes before those of others.

Overdose of logos

In streetwear, let's not overdo it with logos . Indeed, no need to be flashy by mixing all the logos on a single outfit. You risk being perceived as an advertising poster for brands. It is preferable to choose a single brand logo and remain discreet with regard to other accessories.

No need to spend your money unnecessarily buying all the new products that come out one after the other like the most fashion addicts of hypebeasts do.

unisex streetwear sunglasses

Don't limit yourself to one style

The perfect streetwear style is a combination of different pieces of clothing that work well together.

The best advice is to choose an authentic and timeless brand that will go easily with all your other outfits.

Streetwear does not have a dress code to follow like in the ready-to-wear fashion industry . You are free to wear a sportswear cap and mix it with another classic look . The term that best defines streetwear is "mixing", it is a question of making a mix between different and varied clothing elements.

In terms of streetwear accessories too, you have to aim for a mix of tastes and colors and assume them. The streetwear watch will bring a final touch to your outfit .

The mix of styles is a return to the source of streetwear , it is also to be able to truly adopt streetwear as a fashion in its own right that deserves its place. This style of dress has no age. So needless to say you can't adopt it. It is suitable for any situation and adapts to all generations.

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