Le Black Friday en France

Black Friday in France

Black Friday is right around the corner and no one wants to miss out on the best deals. Friday, November 29, 2019 is the date to remember!

Black Friday is fast approaching and it's the biggest day of sales in America, but is it possible to take advantage of good deals in France as in the United States? Taking place after Thanksgiving in the USA, it's the bargain hunter's holiday par excellence! Thousands of stores across the country open early in the morning, enticing shoppers with massive one-time deals and deep discounts. Personally, we prefer to avoid the crowds and do the sales on our couch while having a cup of coffee, that's why we're going to reveal our ultimate guide to Black Friday online 🖥️


So why is Black Friday important in France?

Because amazing deals are available here too! Every year, more and more French and international stores join the Black Friday party and launch some of their best sales of the year, just in time for Christmas .

What time does Black Friday start in France?

This is where it gets a little tricky because of international time zones. French stores will likely start sales early Friday. If you're looking to buy from an international retailer, you may need to pay attention to what time the day starts in their country, as it's likely that's when the sale will also start.


When the balances of Does Black Friday end?

Black Friday sales generally end when retail store hours end on Friday. However, many stores are extending their sales throughout the weekend. Even more stores are expanding their sales online. If you're worried you've missed something, it's always a good idea to check which stores are increasing their sales from the list above.

Why is it called Black Friday ?

While many explanations link the name to the fact that retailers operate at a loss or "in the red" from January to November and that Black Friday is the day their profits turn (into the "black"), the name actually goes back further than that. It all started in Philadelphia, when it was used to describe the disruptive swarms of people who took to the streets in search of a bargain.


What is a doorbuster deal?

These are offers or products that are only available at certain times, such as when the doors open first thing in the morning. However, the majority of doorbuster sales will be available online at a similar price (or even cheaper!).


What is Cyber ​​Monday?

Cyber ​​Monday is the online version of Black Friday , with many retailers offering new deals or ongoing deals online. Last year, US consumers spent a record $2.28 billion, and that amount is expected to rise next year.



Black Friday in France: What's different

This year, a few French retailers are again offering ' Black Friday ' deals, but if you're familiar with the US version of the event, you might find the French equivalent a bit disappointing. On the one hand, the discounts tend to be less extreme in France, on the other hand, " Black Friday " offers are much harder to find in France. There are a few other differences. In France, " Black Friday " usually refers to a whole weekend, or even a week of sales instead of a single day. You'll also notice that while US retailers often hold separate in-person (" Black Friday ") and online (" Cyber ​​Monday ") sales events , in France, " Black Friday " refers to all sales. Sales also have different names depending on the retailer.


Tips and Tricks for Black Friday Online Shopping in France

Do your research in advance. Many retailers release their deals ahead of Black Friday , which means you have time to consider your options and really find the best deal. Use a site like Google.fr to see all the best deals in one place.

Make sure the retailer ships to France . It's always a good idea to check before you get excited about a deal.

Go around the canvas. You might find a better deal elsewhere. For example, Apple is notorious for poor Black Friday deals , when other retailers selling new or refurbished Apple products might offer a better discount.

Remember that the electronics might not work. It's easy to get carried away with good deals. Some of the best deals in the US revolve around new TVs, but if you're buying one on a big deal then know that you'll probably need an adapter and a transformer...as well as having to cope with the increase in shipping costs 🤔

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